About Me

Hello! My name is Kaylin and this is Always Bring Wine.  I’ve created this blog to give myself an outlet to focus more on the things in my life that I feel passionate about and find joy in.  You’ll find my tidbits on fashion & beauty, fitness & coaching (more to come on this), home & lifestyle, and just general ramblings about things I’m obsessed with.

As a born and bred Midwestern girl, I’m proud to say that I’m still freezing my butt off living in Minneapolis, MN.  I have a great job working for Best Buy and live with my wonderful fiancé (Kaleb) and two Yorkshire Terriers (Remy & Auggie).

My hope is that creating this blog will bring me a bit of fulfillment that I’m not always able to accomplish in my daily corporate life, but will also inspire others to pursue that same type of fulfillment in their own life.

Finally, that brings me to why Always Bring Wine?

The idea behind this phrase is rather simple.  I love wine equally as much as I love coffee and breathing.  But really, the concept is all about being the type of person that shows up with wine.

Now, it may not always actually be wine.  Wine makes me happy in almost any situation…but sometimes it’s a case of beer, sometimes it is actually only a hug or a smile on your face.  But, I strive to be that type of person that knows what they can bring to any situation to brighten up someone’s day.

.Enjoy your life…bring the wine…and never forget to appreciate the little things that make life great.

xo. Kaylin

Photo Above by Alileigh.com